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Learn how Karen Radu already sees benefits by being a student at Amador College Connect.

Karen Radu likes helping people. She learned early in her working life that this is what makes a job satisfying for her. When she worked at a local state Employment Development office, she loved helping to match applicants and employers for the perfect job fit. That job went away when the office closed and Karen went on to work as an office technician and as a retail dry cleaner store manager.

When Karen learned about the Amador County Behavioral Services scholarship for students enrolled in Coastline Community College’s online Human Services Certificate program, she knew she had to apply. This would get her back into direct services–helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Now in her second semester, Karen is finding that her enrollment in Coastline’s program is already gaining her interviews for positions in local Human Services agencies. “To get my foot in the door, I applied for a foodservice position with a local agency and was thrilled when they called and asked me to interview instead for a professional position based on my coursework in the certificate program!”

Karen is planning to continue for an A.A. degree in Coastline’s Online Human Services program after she completes her Certificate next December. She explained that College Connect’s resources have been a big help as she transitioned back into the world of being a student. Thom Reid, College Connect’s computer technology volunteer, worked with her one-on-one to update her computer skills and Deb Tenny, Intern Coordinator, has helped her with proofing and editing her class papers.

Karen recently stated that one of the things she most appreciates about College Connect’s programs is its incentive program through which Human Services scholarship students can earn Safeway giftcards for attending local free training. Karen explains that she just recently attended NEXUS Youth and Family Service’s free training, “Parenting with a Purpose,” and First 5 Ca’s free ACES seminar on how adverse childhood injuries and trauma affect children later in life. Karen explains, “College Connect has helped me identify the wealth of free training opportunities here in Amador County that I would otherwise not be aware of.”

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